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How to use Printcraft

Printcraft is very easy to use. We have built creative Minecraft servers with the added ability to capture your creations and turn them into STL files for 3D printing. We have two servers one in europe and one in america:

If you don't have a Minecraft account you will first have to buy one from Mojang.

Login to one of our servers. Here you will find a number of square glowstone building plots marked out on the ground, and next to each is a control panel.

Build something inside the plot. When you are ready press the PRINT button on the control panel. This will send you model off to be processed and write a web link into the Minecraft chat. Click on this link to open the model on From here you can download an STL of your model to print yourself, or get it printed by Materialise or Shapeways and sent to you.

The CLEAR button will clear all the blocks in the building plot.

The CLAIM button will lock the plot so that others players cannot add or delete blocks here. This helps to protect you model from griefing. The claim lasts one week, but you can extend it at any time by pressing CLAIM again.

You can unclaim the plot by pressing the UNCLAIM button

You can add a friend to your plot by typing the command /ppadd playername, and remove them by typing /ppremove playername

Step 1
Open Minecraft and login to a Printcraft server, or
Step 2
Build something cool in one of our building plots.
Step 3
Press the PRINT button to capture your model and open a Printcraft model page. From here you can download, share or print your design.